Temperature-Controlled Storage

*At Select Locations

When the weather starts to get bad, you’ll struggle to find adequate storage space at home to keep your belongings secure from the outside world. After all, many common household items are prone to sustaining damage from harsh weather conditions. Thankfully, there’s a solution for you with temperature-controlled storage at Apple Self Storage.

Across several locations, we’re proud to offer affordable and convenient heated and air-conditioned units in Canada. Whether you need protection on commercial or residential items, our temperature-controlled storage can help. Rent or reserve your temperature controlled storage unit today by finding your nearest Apple Self Storage location online!

What Is Temperature-Controlled Storage?

Temperature-controlled storage are units that are consistently kept at a regulated temperature between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. These storage units are primarily used to protect temperature-sensitive belongings against extreme temperatures and weather conditions such as cold, rain, or snow. With many unit types and sizes of temperature-controlled storage, from indoor units to drive-up access, rest assured that you’ll find the solution you need at Apple Self Storage.

Do I Need Temperature-Controlled Storage?

Unsure of whether you need temperature-controlled storage? Start by answering these three questions:

  1. How many items do I plan to store in my unit?
  2. Are these items sensitive to extreme temperatures and weather conditions?
  3. Do I plan to store these items long term?

If you plan to store a large amount of items and answered yes to the final two questions, then temperature controlled storage is your best option. If you’re still undecided on what storage unit to get, find your perfect solution through our unit size guide today.

What Can I Store in Temperature-Controlled Storage?

At Apple Self Storage, our temperature-controlled storage units are the ideal solution for protecting temperature-sensitive belongings against potential wear, tear, warping, and rusting. Many common household items are sensitive to extreme temperatures such as:

What Can I Not Store in Temperature-Controlled Storage?

While temperature-controlled storage is optimal for a great number of items, there are certain items that aren’t supposed to be stored in our units. These items include perishables (like food), living animals and plants, firearms, and other similar items. Unsure if a certain item of yours is viable for temperature-controlled storage? Give us a call and one of our friendly staff members will help you out.

How Much Does Temperature-Controlled Storage Cost?

The pricing of our temperature-controlled storage is varied due to a number of different factors. Some factors that can dictate cost include the unit size, location, and potential discounts. As a rule of thumb, our temperature-controlled storage is, on average, around 20% more than our non-temperature controlled units. However, the protection you’ll receive on your temperature-sensitive items is priceless.

Find Your Temperature-Controlled Storage Unit at Apple Self Storage

Why wait when the best temperature-controlled storage in Canada is available for you to rent at Apple Self Storage. When you keep your temperature-sensitive items in the stable environments of our temperature-controlled storage, you can restore peace of mind knowing your belongings are better protected and secure with us. Find your nearest Apple Self Storage facility or contact our team online to rent or reserve your storage unit today!