Security Features

Apple Self Storage understands the value of your belongings and the sentimental significance of their storage. A comprehensive range of  security measures is in place at our facilities. We offer robust security solutions, including:

Apple Self Storage’s technology and dedicated staff help protect your stored items and ensure peace of mind. Make sure to check your local facility to see what security features are offered.

24/7 Video Surveillance

We monitor your belongings 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with advanced video surveillance systems. We have strategically placed high-resolution cameras throughout our facilities, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all storage access points.

Gated and Keypad Access

Gated and keypad access strictly controls access to our storage facilities. The system utilizes cutting-edge technology to help ensure secure entry and protect against unauthorized access. With personalized access codes, our access control systems provide a robust layer of security.

Only authorized individuals, such as our customers, staff, and approved personnel can gain entry using unique access codes. By enforcing strict access protocols, we minimize the risk of unauthorized access and maintain a secure environment for your stored belongings. Apple Self Storage protects your items with trusted access control technology.

Secure Perimeter Fencing

Secure perimeter fencing surrounds our facilities to prevent unauthorized access, which is a physical barrier and additional protection for your stored belongings. With its sturdy construction, the fencing deters potential intruders.

We prioritize the security of your belongings and take every precaution to maintain a secure environment within our storage facility. Trust in our secure perimeter fencing to help guard your stored items with utmost care. Rest assured, our fencing system helps protect your valuable belongings at Apple Self Storage.

Well-Lit Facilities

We understand the importance of proper lighting in maintaining a secure storage environment. Our facilities at Apple Self Storage are well-lit indoors and outdoors to help ensure optimal visibility and discourage illicit activities.

We provide our valued customers security by strategically placing lighting fixtures throughout our premises. In addition to enhancing safety, our well-lit facilities offer a more comfortable and accessible storage experience. Whether during daytime or evening hours, you can trust that your stored belongings are protected within our well-lit facilities at Apple Self Storage.

Temperature-Controlled Storage Units

At Apple Self Storage, we understand the importance of preserving the integrity of your sensitive belongings. That’s why we have temperature-controlled storage units available at select locations. With our temperature-controlled storage units, some units are heated and some units are air conditioned. Our advanced temperature control systems maintain a consistent temperature, creating an optimal environment for temperature-sensitive items like artwork, electronics, and furniture. With precise controls in place, our systems effectively shield your valuables from extreme temperatures and other damaging factors. No matter the season, you can trust Apple Self Storage to help keep your items secure.

Trust Apple Self Storage for Uncompromised Security

Apple Self Storage prioritizes the security and protection of your valuable possessions with comprehensive security measures when storing your valuable possessions. In addition to reliable surveillance systems, 24/7 video monitoring, and robust access control protocols, we provide storage unit locks for purchase if you do not have one when you move in. Apple Self Storage keeps your possessions secure with perimeter fencing, well-lit facilities, and motion detection systems.