Santa’s Secret Storage Is Back!


Santa’s Secret Storage is back! The perfect way to keep holiday gifts secret and secure.

Until December 24th, you can store your holiday gifts FOR FREE at any Apple Self Storage facility, and pick them up anytime. All you have to do is sign up!

Signing up is simple. You can either sign up over the phone or in person. Once you’re registered, you can either drop off your gifts any time in person at one of our locations or if you’re ordering gifts online you can have them shipped directly to the facility. Just enter any Apple Self Storage facility address as your shipping address for your online purchase and have your gifts shipped straight to your Apple Self Storage Unit.

Why Use Santa’s Secret Storage?

1. It’s The Best Hiding Spot For Your Holiday Gifts

Finding a good hiding spot for your holiday gifts can be tough, especially if you have curious family members. Santa’s Secret Storage lets you hide your gifts without any worries about spoiling your surprises!

2. Free Up Space At Home

Don’t have any extra closet space to store all your Christmas presents? No sweat! Santa’s Secret Storage has room for all your gifts, cost free! Storage units can also help you transform your home for the holidays.

3. It Has Room No Matter Gift Size

Sometimes bigger gifts need special treatment. Santa’s Secret Storage Units have enough space for any sized gift!

4. Someone Will Always Be Available To Accept Your Shipping Order On Your Behalf

If you’re ordering your holiday gifts online and shipping them to your home it can be challenging to find a time to receive them. When using Santa’s Secret Storage with Apple Self Storage, you can have your gifts accepted on your behalf any time during our office hours at our facilities, where it will be stored until you come and pick it up!

5. Avoid Having Someone Sign for Their Own Gift

Sometimes packages require a signature, and you don’t want the intended recipient signing for their own gift if you’re not home. Or even worse, opening it to see what’s inside. Santa’s Secret Storage helps you avoid having any signing or early present opening mishaps.

6. Your Gifts Will Be Safe And Secure

Keeping your holiday gifts in a Self Storage unit ensures that your items will be safe and secure until you pick them up! With 24-hours surveillance, PEST control and computerized access codes you can sleep safe knowing your gifts are in good hands. For more ways to keep your gifts delievries secure check out our blog: 5 Tips to Keep Your Gift Deliveries Secure When Holiday Shopping Online.

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