How To Wrap Christmas Presents – 6 Easy Steps

easy way to wrap Christmas presents

You’ve done your shopping and have found some wonderful gifts for your family and friends. Now it’s time to wrap them all up. We asked Jennifer Puddester, Site Manager at Apple Self Storage in Halifax, for her suggestions on how to make gift wrapping easier.

“I always like to put Christmas music on when wrapping,” said Jennifer. “I usually put all my gifts into separate piles for each person so their gifts don’t get mixed up later. It’s a good idea to fill out the gift tag before you wrap the present. Keep a list of who you need to buy for and check it off as you go. And finally, start early!”

Here are some of Jennifer’s tips to wrap a gift perfectly.

1. Gather Your Wrapping Supplies

how to wrap Christmas presents step one

  • Gather up all your wrapping supplies together in one spot: boxes, holiday paper, ribbons, tape, scissors, pens, gift tags, and bows.
  • Try and put each gift in a box as it’s much easier to wrap that way.

2. Measure and Cut Your Wrapping Paper

how to wrap Christmas presents step two

  • It’s easier to sit or stand at a table than wrap presents sitting on the floor.
  • Unroll the wrapping paper so it lays flat. Place the box face down on it and measure enough to cover the entire box, plus a bit extra.
  • It’s better to have more and trim later than to have too little. 
  • Cut the paper to begin wrapping.

3. Trim Excess Paper

how to wrap Christmas presents step three

  • Move the box to the middle of the cut sheet.
  • If there’s excess paper on the sides, now’s the time to trim that off.

4. Begin Wrapping

how to wrap Christmas presents step four

  • Wrap the paper firmly around the box lengthwise and use a piece of tape to secure one side.
  • This helps you smooth out the paper to get a really snug fit without any ripples.
  • Fold the paper around the box to overlap and tape it down.
  • If the visible edge of the paper isn’t cut straight or looks uneven, just make a small fold along that edge so it’s even and tape it down. 

5. Wrap Up The Ends

how to wrap Christmas presents step five

  • Now it’s time to tackle the ends.
  • Fold the paper (from the short ends) into the center and tape in place (just like you did lengthwise). This will create triangles.
  • Use your fingers to crease each fold to make the triangles smooth.
  • Fold them so they lie flat and tape to the sides of the box.

6. Give It Some Flair

how to wrap Christmas presents step six

  • Finish your gift off with ribbons and bows.
  • Consider adding some decorative touches like mini holiday ornaments, sparkly bells, red holiday berries, pine cones, sprigs of holly or evergreens.
  • Don’t forget to attach the gift tag so you know who it’s for!

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