How to Declutter Fast: 6 Simple Tips and Tricks

declutter fast

Clutter has a funny way of piling up, especially when we’re busy. The next thing you know, you look around and there’s piles of stuff everywhere. Where did it all come from … and what’s the quickest way to get rid of it?

Here are some clever hacks to declutter fast … and prevent it from piling up again in the future.

1. Tackle the worst room first

The messiest room is probably the one that bothers you the most. By tackling the hardest room first, you’ll get a great sense of accomplishment. And you’ll be able to breeze through your other clutterbug spots as they’ll seem so much easier in comparison.

2. Three-point clutter attack

Go from room to room in your house, and sort items you no longer need into one of three categories: garbage, recycling, or donation. Put each pile into its own bag and set them out right away for garbage/recycling pickup or drop them off at your local donation centre.

3. Put everything in its place

‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ is a familiar piece of advice and the perfect way to keep your home free from clutter. Pick a logical spot for everything you need for day-to-day living, and be sure to put everything back where it belongs when you’re done with it. This simple step is one of the quickest ways to conquer clutter.

4. Create clutter baskets

Put a clutter basket in every room of your house. Everything that doesn’t have a storage spot in that room goes into the basket. Once a week, clean out the clutter basket and put things where they belong … or get rid of them.

5. Declutter first, then clean

Decluttering is different than cleaning. Don’t get distracted by cleaning – that can come later. Focus on getting rid of the excess clutter first. Plus, it’s so much easier to clean when you don’t have as much stuff to move or work around!

6. When in doubt, move it out

There’ll always be items we want to hold onto, but that we don’t need around us on a daily basis. A simple way to keep what’s important to you while keeping your home clutter-free is to rent a self-storage unit. Use your storage unit to safely store things like furniture, sports equipment, special family heirlooms and mementos, and seasonal items.

More Decluttering Tips:

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