7 Tips to Boost Your Mental Health By Decluttering

declutter for an organized home and improved mental health

Ever gone into your closet and couldn’t find the shirt you were looking for because of all the clothes everywhere? Or you might even find yourself distracted from the work you want to get done due to a pile of clutter. It can be frustrating dealing with clutter.

Now have you walked into a professionally staged home recently? Certainly you would have admired how harmonious and attractive all the furnishings and décor were. But did you also experience a sense of calmness and serenity as you wandered from one impeccably clean and clutter-free room to the next? Well-organized, clutter-free environments can be gloriously stress-free. Now imagine how good that would feel if you did that to your personal living space.



Here are 7 ways to boost mental health by decluttering:


1. Eliminate Distractions to Increase your Focus

It’s almost impossible to get anything done when you’re staring at a pile of junk on your desk or a heap of unfolded laundry in the corner of your room. All that stuff is distracting. Clearing away the clutter helps you get rid of the distractions, be more disciplined and focus on what needs to be done. Plus it will be a lot easier to organize items in the future since you won’t get overwhelmed by which pile to get started with.

2. Feel Less Stress with Less Stuff

One of the major causes of stress in our lives is excess clutter. Your house reflects your mental state. When it’s crowded with clutter, your mind is cluttered too. You get caught up in the stress of worrying about all the unfinished things that need to be done. To create peace of mind and make your life more stress-free, get rid of stuff you don’t need. It’s so much easier to feel calm and serene when your home is clean and organized.

  Declutter stress free

3. Rid Yourself of Unnecessary Frustration

Too much clutter can lead to disorganization and the frustration of not being able to find what you are looking for. Frustration can lead to negative thinking, feeling unwell, and can ruin your entire day. Most of us have likely experienced this – scrambling to find car keys so you can make the appointment you need to get to. Reducing the amount of unnecessary clutter will allow you to stay organized and easily find items. No more looking through mountains of clothes to find one shirt or looking through a stack of papers for an important bill.

4. Gain More Time for Yourself

Think about all the time you spend cleaning up, reorganizing, and storing all your stuff. If you got rid of what you don’t need, gave it away, sold it or put it into a self-storage unit – right away you’ve gained a whole bunch of time for yourself to do the things you really enjoy.

5. Create Space for Something New

To allow new experiences to come into your life – be it a new job, opportunity, relationship, or hobby – you’ve got to create space for it. Mentally and physically. It’s hard to grow and embrace new experiences when we’re still holding on to items from our past. Also, cutting back on the clutter frees you up to travel or move around more easily. If you want to pick up and go, there’s a lot less to pick up!


6. Clear Out and Enjoy the Extra Living Space

Do you ever feel your home is too crowded and you should move to a bigger house – just so that you’ve got enough room for all your stuff? How about reducing your belongings instead? By cleaning out closets and going through drawers, you can get rid of things you no longer need … and end up with a whole lot of empty space to enjoy. There’s an added bonus. It’ll be way easier to find what you’re looking for when you need it.

7. Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind

Not all possessions that create clutter is bad … it’s what you have and where you keep it that counts. Of course, you’ll want to hold onto your skis, golf clubs and scuba gear if you’re still doing those sports. But they don’t have to hang out in a corner of the family room or be crammed into a closet. Send them to a self-storage unit. It’s a simple and affordable way to start enjoying the emotional benefits of decluttering right away. Put everything that you don’t need on a regular basis into a safe and secure storage unit.  


More Ways To Declutter:



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