6 Things To Store in Commercial Storage Units

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Managing a business can be overwhelming, whether you’re doing it solo or with a team of 20. If you’re a small-business owner seeking more space in your home office or a large business owner planning an office makeover, choose commercial storage from Apple Self Storage. Every business is unique, so we strive to make your commercial storage experience hassle-free and accessible.

Why You Need Commercial Storage

By decluttering office spaces, businesses can boost productivity by 15%, according to a University of Arizona study. This highlights the importance of optimizing storage costs and the work environment, making commercial storage units a smart choice for businesses looking to cut expenses and improve efficiency.

Renting a commercial storage unit can offer significant cost benefits compared to traditional office space or warehouses. Companies typically spend 5-10% of their income on office rent, and leasing a warehouse can cost about $5,500 per month for a 465-square-meter space. However, renting a storage unit is much more affordable, ranging from about $90 per month for a smaller unit to $290 per month for a larger one, according to a 2022 Consumer Affairs report.

What To Store in a Storage Unit

This blog post explores the essential items needed to maximize space in a commercial storage unit efficiently. This will allow you to open up crucial space in your business by utilizing a cost-effective alternative to renting an office or warehouse.

1. Office Supplies

Office supplies often occupy valuable space in areas that could be better utilized. Whether it’s boxes of pens or bulk purchases of tissues, we recommend storing them in clean bins with labels. We also suggest using shelves for an orderly and visually pleasing space, ensuring everything stays in its designated place. Categorizing your items by type is also beneficial for maintaining a tidy environment within your commercial storage unit.

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2. Documents and Records

Old documents, employee files, or reams of paper can quickly occupy necessary space. Temperature-controlled commercial storage units are ideal for document preservation, as they can store such items in a cool, dark place. Exposure to sunlight, moisture, and temperature fluctuations can damage your documents beyond repair. To stay organized, consider using file folders within a filing cabinet or keeping them in categorized labeled bins.

Only need a little bit of additional space? Use our unit size guide to find the right fit for you.

3. Seasonal Decorations

Another practical use of clear containers comes into play when storing seasonal decorations. Maintaining a clutter-free environment is crucial in a commercial storage unit, and clearly labeling each bin enhances organization while keeping you aware of your supplies. Use different bins for different seasons and arrange the individual items into groups. Consider using small dividers within the containers to ensure the garlands and twinkling lights stay untangled.

4. Electronics and Computer Equipment

Storing unused office furniture, electronics, appliances, and other equipment in a commercial storage unit can offer several practical benefits for business owners. Relocate bulky, unused items from your office to a storage unit and free up needed office space. This promotes a more organized work environment, which studies have shown to increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

Additionally, storing electronics like computers, keyboards, and printers in temperature-controlled storage units helps protect them from potential damage caused by dust, humidity, and changing temperatures. Properly packing these items away with Bubble Wrap and removing plug attachments and alkaline batteries ensures they will remain in good working condition when needed. It is imperative to remove aging alkaline batteries because as their internal pressure increases, they pose a risk of bursting and releasing corrosive potassium hydroxide.

Plastic container boxes on a shelf on a rack for organizing and storing inventory.

5. Inventory

Storing excess inventory and packaging materials with Apple Self Storage offers a range of advantages for your business. Using plastic containers and shelves in the storage unit enables businesses to methodically categorize and store their stock, providing easy access and swift retrieval. This systematic approach reduces the risk of misplaced items and promotes an efficient inventory management system.

Shelves play a pivotal role in maximizing space efficiency. Storing your items off the ground can also help prevent moisture damage in case of leaks and wet floors. Label containers and organize by product type to streamline operational processes.

6. Stuff We All Get (SWAG)

There is often nothing quite as exciting for your employees as receiving SWAG (stuff we all get). However, every business owner knows that additional items must be stored somewhere. A commercial storage unit is a great place to house these goodies until the holiday season and the gift-giving extravaganza begins.

Use clear containers for company-branded water bottles, stickers, and coffee mugs.Company-branded clothing should be packed away clean. However, avoid putting them in plastic trash bags and cardboard boxes. These materials can trap heat and moisture and are easily susceptible to damage. Once again, turn to the reliability of plastic bins, ensuring cleanliness and security for your prized SWAG. Avoid vacuum-packing any clothing because while it saves space, it can cause permanent damage to the fabric.

Commercial Self Storage Features

We understand that ensuring the safety of your property is your top priority as you begin an office decluttering, renovation, or move. Enter Apple Self Storage! Our storage facilities offer an array of amenities and security features, including gated access, keypad entry, and 24-hour video surveillance. Renting commercial storage with Apple Self Storage comes with additional perks, such as:

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Office and Boardroom Rentals at Select Locations

At Apple Self Storage, we understand that businesses often need more than just storage space. We now offer convenient office and boardroom rentals at our Oakville and Toronto Junction locations, combining office space and self-storage in one building. Contact us to explore our office and boardroom rental options and enhance your business efficiency.

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Commercial storage units from Apple Self Storage offer small and large businesses a strategic solution to maximize space by providing an off-site location for storing excess inventory, unused equipment, and supplies. Clear up your workspace and boost productivity with our storage units—no more distractions, just an organized workflow. Let us support your business growth with the extra room it deserves! Contact us to rent or reserve a unit and find the closest Apple Self Storage facility near you. Be sure to check out our referral program to start earning rewards today!

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