3 Tips for Choosing The Best Storage Unit Lock

storage unit with disc lock

Storage Unit Locks are Necessary!

Although storage facilities offer controlled access, individual unit alarms and surveillance monitoring; locks provide another level of security to protect your valuables stored in the storage facility. Investing in a good lock will certainly add to that security and provide you with peace of mind.

1. Invest in a Good Lock for Your Storage

A good lock will run you anywhere between $12-$25 depending on the size and type.

Locks to Avoid: Locks purchased at Dollar Stores are not the best locks to use to protect your belongings. These locks can be cut more easily and are not always reliable.

2. Some Locks are More Secure than Others

The locks used in storage facilities are: padlocks, disc-locks, combo-locks and weather-proof locks. Each lock is different so read below to find your preference and our top recommendation.

  • Combo-LocksMedium Security

    combo lock

Combo-Locks require a numbered code to unlock it instead of a key. This can be good if you’re prone to losing keys, but bad if you’re likely to forget the numbered code. Combo-Locks are popular but easier to cut compared to other locks.

  • PadlocksMedium Security

      padlock with keys

Padlocks require a key to open it, not a numbered code like the Combo Locks. Padlocks are commonly used in storage units but you want to make sure you buy a large one that is more difficult to cut. That being said, Padlocks are still easier to cut compared to Disc-Locks.

  • Disc-locksHigh Security

    disc lock

Disc-Locks require a key to open it, and the design of the lock makes it the most secure. Disc Locks are the most popular locks for storage units as they are the most difficult to cut

  • Weather-Proof locks: Medium Security

    weatherproof lock

Weather proof locks usually look similar to Padlocks but are made with different metals. The different metals make the lock less likely to rust but the metal in some weather proof locks is slightly softer which makes it easier to cut. If you’re storing in a drive-up unit it is recommended to use a weather-proof lock to help minimize the issue of frozen locks in the winter time.

*Tip: We always recommend carrying a de-icer when you visit your unit in the winter time in case you don’t have a weather proof lock and the lock is frozen!  

3. Our Top Pick for a Storage Unit Lock!

apple lock pick

At Apple we recommend Disc-Locks as they’re very secure and hard to cut unlike Padlocks and Combo-Locks. We carry the Master Locks brand in our stores and they are reasonably priced at $14.95 in most locations. Visit our website for more information on what we carry and our Storage Units: http://www.applestorage.com/      

Apple Self Storage has 21 storage facilities across Ontario and Atlantic Canada, we’re easily accessible any time of the year. Our facility managers provide friendly, personalized advice to help you pick the right storage solution. Our flexible plans offer the perfect solution for personal, student and business needs. At Apple Self Storage you can be sure satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. For more information click here to contact us or call 1-866-417-1005 to find your storage solution today.   


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