Self Storage Security: Is My Stuff Really Safe?

“Is my stuff really safe?” That’s often the first question a new self storage tenant will ask when renting a unit. People store all kinds of things in self storage such as furniture, business inventory, seasonal items, and vehicles. No matter what they’re storing, they’re often worried that their unit might get broken into.

The truth is, there’s very little cause for concern. In 2013, one industry publication found that just 8.9% of facilities reported break-ins during the previous year. That leaves more than 90% of all storage facilities not reporting a break-in for an entire year. Read below for some extra measures you can take to ensure your belongings are safe.

Check The Storage Facility’s Security Measures

Self storage facility operators are all about security. storagesecurity They know that if you don’t have confidence in their ability to protect your possessions then you won’t rent from them. That’s why the majority of facilities go to great lengths to ensure that their facilities are as secure as possible. Some of the most common security measures include gated access requiring an entry code, surveillance monitoring, 24-hour on-site management, and individual unit alarms. Not all storage facilities have the same security measures, so be sure to find out about their security procedures before renting.


Put A Lock On Your Storage Unit

Yes, storage facilities provide a lot of security … but your unit still needs to be Continue reading Self Storage Security: Is My Stuff Really Safe?

7 Steps To Store Your Car Safely In A Storage Unit

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Perhaps it was because you had a mid-life crisis, or got a promotion, or won the lottery. Whatever the reason, you bought an expensive car. Now, it may make you feel excited and happy when the top is down and the wind is blowing through your hair, but what happens when that first snowfall comes?

Winter is coming; where will you store your precious car? We get many people asking us “Can I put my car into storage?” And the answer is simple: YES. Whether it’s a prized possession car, or a car you just want to keep in good shape, storing it over the winter is a great idea. It does however, take some preparation. Before we delve into steps to safely store your car, read below to see why using a storage unit is better than a garage or parking it in your driveway. Continue reading 7 Steps To Store Your Car Safely In A Storage Unit