4 Tips To Find What Size Storage Unit You Need

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Whether you’re moving or simply just looking for a space to store your stuff, it can be stressful figuring out what size storage you need. Surely it’s the last thing you want to deal with if you’re busy. That’s why we’ve written 4 tips to help you figure out what size storage unit you need.


1. Ask Yourself These Questions Before Renting A Storage Unit 


  • How many bedrooms/ how much furniture will I be storing?
  • Do I have any temperature sensitive items?
  • Do I have any outdoor equipment? (lawn/snow care items)
  • Will I be using movers? (movers can help determine a storage size and are great at maximizing space when packing)
  • Will I be staging my home beforehand and need a unit earlier than that?
  • What are the bigger things going into the storage?
  • Is there anything that is awkward to stack and will need more space (ex: a bbq)
  • Will I need access to the contents in order to organize, add or remove items, walk in and view     items etc
  • Is it a company space for files, will shelves be needed, if so what are the size of shelves going in and how many rows can fit?


2. Check These Off Your List Before Visiting The Storage Facility


First, Make A List!
The best thing you can do before calling or visiting the storage facility is to Continue reading 4 Tips To Find What Size Storage Unit You Need

10 Things You Can’t Store In A Storage Unit


Storing something like a dead body in a storage unit is obviously illegal. However, there are many less obvious things you shouldn’t put in self-storage. We’ve made a list to help you figure out what you can and can’t store. Please note that while there are many restrictions on what you can’t store, these restrictions are in place for your protection and the protection of your belongings.

1. Animals (Dead Or Alive)

  • Using a storage unit as an animal mill is illegal.
  • Storing exotic animals in a storage unit is illegal.
  • Storing any sort of live animal in a storage unit is illegal.
  • Storing dead animals that you have legally hunted but haven’t had time to take to a taxidermist is prohibited because it attracts pests.

2. Things That Attract Pests

It may be clear that storing food is prohibited because it attracts outside critters but you should also be aware of some other items to avoid: Continue reading 10 Things You Can’t Store In A Storage Unit

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Storage Unit Lock

Storage Unit Locks are Necessary!

Although storage facilities offer controlled access, individual unit alarms and surveillance monitoring; locks provide another level of security to protect your valuables stored in the storage facility. Investing in a good lock will certainly add to that security and provide you with peace of mind.

1. Invest in a Good Lock for Your Storage

A good lock will run you anywhere between $12-$25 depending on the size and type.
Locks to Avoid: Locks purchased at Dollar Stores are not the best locks to use to protect your belongings. These locks can be cut more easily and are not always reliable.

2. Some Locks are More Secure than Others

The locks used in storage facilities are: padlocks, disc-locks, combo-locks and weather-proof locks. Each lock is different so read below to find your preference and our top recommendation. Continue reading 3 Tips for Choosing the Best Storage Unit Lock