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Standard Units


*Standard features include:

Computerized access code
When storing at Apple, you receive an individual access code which disarms your storage unit door alarm. You control who has access to your unit by who you choose to share your code with.

Individual unit alarms
Each storage unit has its own alarm. If a unit alarm were to go off, the central alarm in our office would alert staff as well as a private monitoring company. Our system records the exact date and time the alarm was set off, so we can examine video tape to determine the cause.

24-hour video surveillance
We provide 24-hour video surveillance in most locations to monitor the safety of your belongings at all times.

Security lighting
With motion controlled lighting both in our hallways and inside every unit, our customers feel safe within our premises at all hours.

Sprinkler system
We have a state-of-the-art sprinkler system at our facilities as a preventative measure.

Weather sealed
All of our units are fully weather sealed to keep your belongings safe and dry.

Pest control
At Apple we pride ourselves on keeping our sites clean and pest free with professional servicing.

*Some features may not be available in some locations