5 Questions to Estimate Your Storage Unit Cost

Self-storage is a convenient and affordable way to store your possessions. Your storage unit cost will depend on a number of factors, such as size, features and location. But there’s no need to spend more than necessary. To help you estimate how much your storage unit will cost, Deniece Phillips, Site Manager at Apple Self Storage in Mississauga, suggested five questions to consider.

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5 Easy Steps To Determine What Size Storage Unit You Need

You know that you need a self-storage unit. Now you just have to figure out what storage unit size you need to store all your stuff. You don’t want something too big; you also don’t want a unit that’s too small. So we asked Jennifer Puddester, Site Manager at our Apple Self Storage location in Halifax, for some guidelines on how to select the best storage unit for your needs.

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5 Tips To Store Your Patio Furniture In A Storage Unit For The Winter

Soon it will be time to pack up your outdoor living area and protect your patio furniture for the winter. Even furniture that is considered weather-resistant will last longer when stored in a warm, dry place such as a storage unit. We asked Melissa LeBlanc from Apple Self Storage for tips on how to properly store and maintain different types of patio furniture in a storage unit.

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Wednesday’s Storage Wars!

Hello Storage Hunters!

Have you been busy watching the Olympics? Do you wish that storage auctions were considered a national sport? (We argue that storage hunting is an art). Nonetheless, we’ve got a really challenging unit this week that we have found the final price tag of – can you guess it?

For those who haven’t played before, the game is simple! We show pictures of an already auctioned off unit and it’s up to you and your good sense to guess what the final bidding price was. The bidder who guesses closest wins a $25 Giftcard to Amazon, iTunes or Starbucks!

So take a look and place your bet on our Facebook post! (Please only bet once and make it count!)

We see boxes, keyboards, maybe a few toys? Click the pictures to get a bigger image:

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Apple Storage on Storage Wars!

For those who missed it, catch it here on Youtube!

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The site featured in this episode was our Newmarket Facility in Ontario. If you’re a customer, do you recognize the staff?

Self Storage Toronto: City Living, Clutter Free

The bright lights, the boundless energy, the lack of space – city life has it all. For its many attractions, downtown Toronto is not known for spacious living. Residents and businesses alike face inflated prices for every extra square foot of space, forced to make sacrifices in order to stay on budget. Fortunately self storage in Toronto offers a cost-effective solution, even in the bustling downtown core.

Students, in a near constant state of flux, can always benefit from a steady influence in their lives. Finding a reliable facility for public storage in Toronto doesn’t take a graduate degree, but students need to consider a host of factors including location, security, accessibility and price.

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Commercial Self Storage: Solutions for the Savvy Business Professional

The challenges of running a business place constant pressure on companies to get creative with their cost-cutting, from downsizing and outsourcing to telecommuting and the building of virtual stores. Space has also wandered onto the radar of business owners and decision-makers. For many, self storage is helping them keep costs down and avoid a bottom line written in dreaded red ink.

Storage units, traditionally seen as personal or household solutions, offer a viable and cost-efficient way for businesses to hang on to assets such as office furniture and documents while maintaining space where they need it most. Commercial storage needs can vary as widely as the companies themselves – some burgeoning home businesses rely on self storage for housing excess products, while larger, more established operations can benefit from an extra place to store items, whether for temporary disturbances like renovations or something long term.

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Self Storage Tips and Tactics: Part One

In storage as in stock markets, having a strategy will steer you away from potential pitfalls and heartbreak. And although the latter might require a little more critical thinking, approaching self storage with a plan in mind can help you maximize space and keep your goods like new – or in whatever condition you left them.

When storing your items with a reputable, service-oriented company, know that you’re not alone – knowledgeable staff should be on hand to provide advice on not only the right self storage unit, but also the way to make the most of it. In other words, providing tips on packaging and stacking items and how to use the space most efficiently.

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Storage for Business

Whatever the size of your business organization, the storage for your business is quite vital because every document in a business organization needs to be stored very well. Whether your business is big or small, a good storage for the business is much needed. This is because your business will grow and expand due to enough space to store your products.

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