Online Storage Auctions Are On the Rise

Chances are, if you’ve turned on a television or visited a self storage facility in the last two or three years, you know about storage auctions. These events, formerly a low key way for storage facilities to recoup something from units that had gone unpaid for months, shows like Storage Wars really brought storage auctions to light and their popularity exploded.

Since then, storage facilities have been presented with a new way to run their auctions more efficiently: utilizing online auction sites like or the Apple Storage favorite

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Wednesday’s Storage Wars!

Hello Storage Hunters!

Have you been busy watching the Olympics? Do you wish that storage auctions were considered a national sport? (We argue that storage hunting is an art). Nonetheless, we’ve got a really challenging unit this week that we have found the final price tag of – can you guess it?

For those who haven’t played before, the game is simple! We show pictures of an already auctioned off unit and it’s up to you and your good sense to guess what the final bidding price was. The bidder who guesses closest wins a $25 Giftcard to Amazon, iTunes or Starbucks!

So take a look and place your bet on our Facebook post! (Please only bet once and make it count!)

We see boxes, keyboards, maybe a few toys? Click the pictures to get a bigger image:

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