5 Questions to Estimate Your Storage Unit Cost

Self-storage is a convenient and affordable way to store your possessions. Your storage unit cost will depend on a number of factors, such as size, features and location. But there’s no need to spend more than necessary. To help you estimate how much your storage unit will cost, Deniece Phillips, Site Manager at Apple Self Storage in Mississauga, suggested five questions to consider.

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12 Surprising Ways Our Storage Units Have Been Used

Toronto storage units are used by a variety of different people, from your next door neighbors to some of the world’s most famous celebrities. Have you ever wondered what they actually use the units for or what they store in them? Toronto Storage Units Mysteries Here are 12 of the most surprising ways people have used Toronto storage units and what they stored in them. 

Odd Things Stored In Our Storage Units. 

Business Contents 

  • Contents of an entire dental practice and ultrasound machines.
  • Someone was storing free samples that they kept ordering offline. They had a 10×10 unit filled with everything from beauty products to home cleaning products. 
  • Someone stored over 3000 phone books. He would sit in his unit, wrap them in plastic and organize them to be delivered the next day. 

Human Remains & Substances 

  • Human ashes inside the glove box of a 1969 Chevelle & a singing and dancing James Brown ornament. 


  • One person has his “Elvis” collection in storage. His wife told him to get it out of the house or she was leaving.  He put the stuff in storage and apparently she left anyway.  He was all shook up!!!

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Online Storage Auctions Are On the Rise

Chances are, if you’ve turned on a television or visited a self storage facility in the last two or three years, you know about storage auctions. These events, formerly a low key way for storage facilities to recoup something from units that had gone unpaid for months, shows like Storage Wars really brought storage auctions to light and their popularity exploded.

Since then, storage facilities have been presented with a new way to run their auctions more efficiently: utilizing online auction sites like StorageTreasures.com or the Apple Storage favorite Bid13.com.

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Self Storage: The Cure to Clutter for Toronto Homeowners

Reality TV has already documented in vivid detail the extremes to which hoarding and clutter can climb. But while most people would like to believe their situation is nothing to worry about as long as camera crews don’t come knocking on their door, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. In fact, self storage facilities in Toronto regularly help customers de-clutter their living space and re-invent their lives in only a few simple steps.

Mini storage for clutter

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Self Storage Toronto: City Living, Clutter Free

The bright lights, the boundless energy, the lack of space – city life has it all. For its many attractions, downtown Toronto is not known for spacious living. Residents and businesses alike face inflated prices for every extra square foot of space, forced to make sacrifices in order to stay on budget. Fortunately self storage in Toronto offers a cost-effective solution, even in the bustling downtown core.

Students, in a near constant state of flux, can always benefit from a steady influence in their lives. Finding a reliable facility for public storage in Toronto doesn’t take a graduate degree, but students need to consider a host of factors including location, security, accessibility and price.

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Incredible Facts About Storage in Toronto

Individuals hire storage facilities for a number of reasons. It is always disappointing to buy new furniture or household goods and lack space to store them. However, there could also be other reasons why you might lack space thus, finding the need to find the right storage company to cater to your storage needs. There are several storage companies in Toronto that give you full guarantee of storing your property in the most secure location.

A fact about storage companies in Toronto is that they are spacious and can accommodate enormous number of goods and their maintenance practices are of the highest standard. Most of these companies are well established and in most instances, managers are contracted to ensure that they are well maintained. This fact gives you full guarantee that all your properties will be maintained in the highest standard for the longest time as long as you pay your monthly dues on time.

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