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3 Things You Need To Do Before Storing Your BBQ For The Winter

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Don’t want to leave your BBQ out in the cold this winter? If you stop grilling once the leaves start flying, then now’s a good time to prepare your BBQ for a cozy hibernation.


Apple Self Storage Site Manager Sherri Prankard, recommends that it’s best to store your grill inside in a dry location such as a garage or storage unit where it’s protected from rain and snow. For many of us there’s not enough room in the garage to store a BBQ, so renting a storage unit is a simple and affordable solution.

Apple Self Storage Site Manager Sherri Prankard
Sherri Prankard


Want to make sure that your BBQ will fire up no problem next spring? Here are Sherri’s 3 tips for winterizing and safely storing your BBQ:


1.Thoroughly Clean Your Grill Before Storing

  • Clean your grill grates to remove grease and food scraps before placing in your storage unit.
  • Clean the gas trap. Any remaining gas can be a possible fire hazard.
  • Clean the inside and outside of your BBQ. Be sure to empty and clean out the drip pan.


2. Winterize Your Parts By Spraying Them With Cooking Oil to Prevent Rust

Even when in a storage unit, a grill’s metallic parts can rust through the winter season. You can winterize the metal parts by spraying them with cooking oil to prevent rust. Even so, it’s recommended to re-season your grill by thoroughly cleaning it when you remove it from storage to get rid of any potential rust build up.


Check if any parts are aging or need to be replaced, such as hoses, burners, handles, temperature gauges, and starter switches. Don’t leave part replacement to the last minute. You could risk having faulty parts the day of the big BBQ you planned!


BBQ Cooking Food


3. Empty Your Propane Tank And Store Outside  

Propane tanks are combustible and should never ever be stored indoors, whether in a storage unit, a garage or even a garden shed. When stored in an enclosed space, a small gas leak could cause a huge explosion.


Instead of trying to deal with a full propane tank, Sherri says the best idea is to invite all your friends over for a big BBQ and use up all your propane. Not only will it be a fun send off to the warm weather season, you’ll also have an empty tank.


Once your tank is emptied it has to be stored outside, away from dryer vents and on a concrete block standing up. Keep insects from nesting in the gas line opening by taping it up or wrapping a bag around it.


Come next spring, you should be all set to fire it up and get grilling … once you buy more propane of course!



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