6 Tips For Storing Commercial Items

Need to store office supplies, raw materials, customer orders, goods, machinery, and other business products and have no extra office or factory space? Rent a storage unit instead. It’s a simple solution that’s easy, convenient and safe. Below you will find tips for ensuring that your commercial items remain in good condition for however long you need to have them in storage.


1. Choosing The Right Storage Unit Size For Your Commercial Items


Determining the right storage space required to store your commercial items like machinery, raw material, finished goods etc. can be difficult. Don’t know how much storage space you need? Don’t want to overspend? Have many commercial items that you need to store? Don’t worry. Save time and effort using our Unit Size Guide and Storage Space Estimator Tool. Here you can determine the exact storage space you need for your commercial items without any hassle.

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New Service: Valet Storage Bins

Do you find yourself cluttered with last season’s clothing or decorations with hardly any room to keep them? Apple Storage is now offering a new valet service which delivers and picks up storage bins directly to and from your home. We then store your items for as long as you need at a low monthly cost. If you live in a condo, are a student in a residence, or want to rid your house of unused clutter, these convenient bins are handy to organize and store your smaller items. Continue reading New Service: Valet Storage Bins