3 Reasons to Store Winter Gear in a Storage unit

It’s that time of year where we can never be sure when the snow will suddenly end. While you’re waiting for that to happen, it’s good to start thinking about the best place to store all your winter gear.  Winter sports gear could take up the most room in a home, but using a storage unit will help declutter your closets for the following season’s equipment. Also known as Spring Cleaning.

When you do take your final run for the winter season, where do you put all that bulky winter gear? Follow these 5 tips to help you store your winter gear away in a storage unit:

1. Storage units protect from theft

When you live in a small house, have no space in the garage or just lack a garage overall, finding places for bulky winter sports items can be difficult and take up too much-needed space. A storage unit could double as a security monitored garage for those big items like your snowmobile, snowboard, and ski equipment. You may consider using a storage unit for your winter vacation home! Instead of leaving it in an unguarded home for half a year, store your winter gear in a safe and secured unit nearby.  Continue reading 3 Reasons to Store Winter Gear in a Storage unit

From Downsizing to Divorce – 6 common events where storage units make life easier

When life throws us a curve ball, sometimes the only thing to do is to catch it … and put it into storage. There are a number of common events in our lives when a storage unit is the ideal solution to help you deal with the situation. In fact, at Apple Self Storage we refer to them as the “6 Ds” since these are among the top reasons people use self-storage. Whatever the circumstances, Apple Self Storage can help you select the right size unit and provide the packing supplies you need.

Here are 6 events you may benefit from a self-storage unit:


No room for your old stuff in your new home? Keep or sell it with a storage unit.

  • Figure out what doesn’t fit
    • Whether you’re going from a home to a condo or a retirement facility, you can store your extra stuff as you decide what fits and what you can’t bear to part with.
  • Save Heirloom
    • If grandparents are moving into a retirement home, they don’t have to get rid of all their stuff. They can keep items in storage and access it as needed, or save it for when the grand-kids are ready for it.
  • Use as Garage
    • If you no longer have a garage, put seasonal items into storage for each access such as the sea-doo, snowmobile, skis, and motor bikes.
  • Access at any time
    • Storage units are a better choice than portable storage. Once packed, you can’t access these. Storage units let you can come and go as you please and take what you need at any time.

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