Apple Self Storage Opening December 2015 In Oakville

Apple Self Storage is excited to celebrate the opening of it’s newest self storage facility located at 700 Third Line Oakville, ON with an anticipated open date of December, 2015. This self storage facility is 80,000 sqft, primarily indoor and climate controlled.

New Apple Self Storage Location Opening December 2015

Apples Self Storage In Oakville Has Got It All.

Oakville’s newest Apple Self Storage facility will include:

  • Your first month free!
  • Premium climate-controlled storage units.
  • Individually alarmed units.
  • An excellent retail location with convenient location to the QEW and downtown Oakville.

“This Oakville facility adds a high quality, in-fill, climate controlled store to our growing GTA portfolio,” said Phil Allan, Apple Self Storage’s President. “This facility is in a solid retail location — a growth market with excellent demographics that we feel is presently underserved when it comes to premium climate controlled storage”.New Apple Self Storage Location Continue reading Apple Self Storage Opening December 2015 In Oakville

7 Tips For Choosing A Self Storage Unit.

If you live in Toronto and have more stuff than you have space, you might want to consider renting a storage unit. Whether you’re doing some short-term decluttering or looking to store cherished belongings for a longer period of time, there are a number of self storage facilities to choose from. Storage units are also very handy for entrepreneurs and small business owners who need an affordable place to store equipment, tools, inventory or business records. With so many storage units to choose from these days how do you know which one is right for you? 

Choosing A Toronto Storage Unit

Here are 7 tips to help you choose the storage facility that’s right for you.

1. Location … location … location.

If you’re going to want easy access to your belongings on a regular basis, look to rent a storage unit in a convenient location. Choose a facility that’s within close proximity to where you live or where you work. Large storage companies, such as Apple Self Storage, have multiple locations throughout Toronto and the GTA, as well as self storage facilities across Ontario and Eastern Canada. Continue reading 7 Tips For Choosing A Self Storage Unit.

12 Surprising Ways Our Storage Units Have Been Used

Toronto storage units are used by a variety of different people, from your next door neighbors to some of the world’s most famous celebrities. Have you ever wondered what they actually use the units for or what they store in them? Toronto Storage Units Mysteries Here are 12 of the most surprising ways people have used Toronto storage units and what they stored in them. 

Odd Things Stored In Our Storage Units. 

Business Contents 

  • Contents of an entire dental practice and ultrasound machines.
  • Someone was storing free samples that they kept ordering offline. They had a 10×10 unit filled with everything from beauty products to home cleaning products. 
  • Someone stored over 3000 phone books. He would sit in his unit, wrap them in plastic and organize them to be delivered the next day. 

Human Remains & Substances 

  • Human ashes inside the glove box of a 1969 Chevelle & a singing and dancing James Brown ornament. 


  • One person has his “Elvis” collection in storage. His wife told him to get it out of the house or she was leaving.  He put the stuff in storage and apparently she left anyway.  He was all shook up!!!

Toronto Storage Unit Elvis Continue reading 12 Surprising Ways Our Storage Units Have Been Used