Public Storage Auction, September 26th. Be there!

Apple Self Storage is holding a live public auction on Friday, September 26th in East Gwillimbury and West Toronto. The timeline is as follows:

Bales Drive Location auction will start at 10:00am. After this auction ends, the Weston Road location will start their public auction. There will be 4 units available at Bales and up to 6 units at Weston Road.

Location Information:
Bales Drive:
Weston Road:

Helping Hands for the Homeless with Self Storage

On the surface, self storage units and homelessness don’t seem to be closely related issues. Upon further inspection however, nothing could be further from the truth. In 2009 for example, in San Diego. Dozens of homeless people were attending a church sermon. While these homeless enjoyed the warmth and comfort of food, friends, and worship, they had left their belongings outside. During their time inside, agents from the San Diego Environmental Services Department came and removed all of the homeless people’s belongings and had them crushed in the back of a garbage truck. What the ESD had mistaken for nothing more than trash, was actually another man’s treasure, several men as a matter of fact. Continue reading Helping Hands for the Homeless with Self Storage