Apple Self Storage Featured in Survey of Storage Around the World

Wherever people struggle with too much stuff and too little space, there is a role for self storage. This truly global solution transcends borders and language barriers, and continues to grow by the day. Recently Inside Self Storage, an industry commentator, took a look at storage around the world, which included a stop at Apple Self Storage in Toronto. The six-continent tour offered a unique perspective, complete with mountain scenery, a “sky garden” and plenty of unconventional architecture.

Outside Apple's self storage facility in Toronto
The Apple Self Storage facility in downtown Toronto. A source of secure, cost-effective space for businesses and residents feeling the pinch of inflated real estate prices.

While the U.S. market remains the centre of the self storage universe, it makes for an interesting comparison with burgeoning or less developed markets. According to the article, Asia is seeing a major growth in demand for self storage, with Japan leading the charge. Large urban centres like Tokyo, as well as Hong Kong and Seoul, are making the most of vertical space, often with several floors of storage units to accommodate the dense blocks of residential and business buildings nearby.

Apple Self Storage received mention as a Canadian operator that continues to grow in an already established market, one facing a variety of development challenges and obstacles. The downtown Toronto self storage facility was featured in the slideshow as an example of Apple’s progression. The facility recently underwent a significant expansion to add an extra 22,000 square feet of climate-controlled self storage, providing additional cost-effective space to urbanites and business owners facing some of Canada’s steepest real estate costs.

Other entries in the list of self storage hotspots and newcomers include South Africa, Thailand, Chile, Russia, the U.K., France and Italy, where the Alps keep constant watch over the facility.

Why You Should Warm Up to the Idea of Heated Self Storage

In the frigid depths of winter, nothing beats a warm, cozy spot to call your own. Your possessions, if they could talk, would surely echo that sentiment. But many people don’t fully understand the importance of temperature and air quality before deciding on a self storage unit, a lack of foresight that can leave their items in a bad spot. So, how do you know when heated storage is right for you?

Step into the warm and cozy environs of Apple Self Storage in the West end of Halifax, where all storage units are heated.

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