Apple Storage on Storage Wars!

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The site featured in this episode was our Newmarket Facility in Ontario. If you’re a customer, do you recognize the staff?

Auctions Wars III

Storage hunters.. you ready?

We have a huge unit for you to virtually bid on! Have a good look at the pictures below and read the description of what’s inside the unit. As always, the winner who comments on our Facebook post with the closest bid to the ACTUAL bid for this unit wins! WINNER will receive a $25 iTunes gift card, that’s a pretty good bargain!

Description of Unit Contents:

1968 Ford Ranchero, 1982 Chevrolet Corvette, 1991 Honda CRX, Weed wacker, pit bike, multiple saws, lawn mover, water coolers, canopies and a set of four wheels.


Please only post once to the Facebook post. Good luck and see you next Monday when we reveal who had the closest bid!

A Cluttered House Can Make You Fat

A cluttered house looks bad. There is no iota of doubt in that inference. A cluttered house represents a mess but what it also indicates is the state of mind of the person or persons living in the house. Many psychologists have studied several cases of obese people where a visit to their homes has revealed lots of clutter in almost all nooks and corners of the house. While this doesn’t directly correlate obesity and clutter, there is an underlying fact that has to be unraveled and understood.

Clutter is a state where nothing is organized. The same is the case with many obese people who seldom indulge in tasks that demand them to be physically active. Overeating and binge eating are often a person’s way of tackling stress and frustration. It is one’s way of trying to derive happiness and satiation. Quite interestingly, neither does overeating and binge eating induce happiness nor does one manage to steer clear of stress or unhappiness. The same truth applies to the clutter in a house. Cluttered homes are a primary reason why many families are opting for self storage.

A cluttered house is an outcome of inattentiveness, lack of regard for space in the house and the absence of an urge that would compel someone to clean up the house and sort things out. An active person would always clear the clutter, regardless of what it is of and where it is. An inactive person would always shy away from any cleaning exercise. It is not because one doesn’t like a clean home but one is inactive enough to avoid getting involved in a task that demands some level of physical action. While a clutter house might not directly make you fat, there are several repercussions and underlying factors that contribute to one becoming obese. Even if you are trying to lose weight, a cluttered house would not let you lose weight.

Personally, we’d like to think there’s an easy solution for such a problem.. like simply choosing a self storage which will allow you to sort things out at your place, keep what you need and store away what you do not need. But in reality, weight is a combination of genetics, lifestyle and diet. Overall all though, we hope when you get accustomed with the cleaner home due to self storage, you would continue to maintain that which will prevent you from putting on more weight!

Can Cleaning Out Your Home Make You More Spiritual?

Being Spiritual With Storage

Many people who opt for self storage are often interested in much more than just having their possessions and assets organized and well sorted. Some people are obsessed with keeping things clean and organized. For them, self storage is merely a way out of the clutter. Some people are not so bothered about the cleanliness or having things organized but are ardent to care for their belongings. Self storage for such people is imperative because that would ensure the items are well kept.

Regardless of the specific reason why you might opt for self storage, the experience can be a spiritual one. It may not heighten your spirituality to the extent of being enlightened but you would certainly be more spiritual if you have self storage.

The primary reason why that happens is because spirituality stems from being caring towards everything around you. It might be life or an object. One who doesn’t really care or pay attention to anything or something, cannot truly be spiritual. Self storage enhances one’s sense of caring for the belongings, irrespective of their significance in one’s life. Certain items lose importance with time. Some items become outdated and obsolete. You simply find certain stuffs to be of no use any further at a particular point in time. In any specific circumstance, you are expected to attend to the things around you. Self storage instils this sense naturally without one having to seek courses on spirituality.

Self storage helps anyone to identify things that one needs and things that one doesn’t need. Most families, particularly in the developed cities like Toronto, have more than what they need at their home, office and even at the garage or under that shed in the backyard. Not all items are of immediate need and some are in need but not really used. It may also so happen that certain objects that are needed aren’t really there. Attention to detail and understanding the needs of the moment is what self storage shall instil in you. This is also one of the many attributes of a spiritual person. It isn’t wrong to infer that self storage does induce a sense of spirituality and makes you more spiritual.

Self storage also facilitates recycling of items that are not used any more or giving away stuffs which are not significant for a family any longer. Recycling and giving away stuffs that may be helpful for others also contribute to your growing spirituality.

Upcoming Auctions for October/November 2013!

Please be advised that there will be an auction held at the following locations,

1.  20 ACORN STREET, Fredericton.

Auctions starts at 10am on October 19th.

2.  546 ST. MARY’S STREET, Fredericton.

Auctions starts at 12pm on October 19th.

3.  7095 CHEBUCTO ROAD, Halifax.

Auction starts at 10 am on November 2nd.

  4.  530 ADELAIDE STREET WEST, Toronto.

Will begin on November 7th at approximately 10am. (It will begin after the Weston Self Storage Auction has finished). 

Adelaide Street

5.  365 WESTON ROAD, Toronto.

Auction starts at 9 am on November 7th.

Adelaide Street

Hope to see you there!